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Poem and Painting by Helen Bar-Lev, Israel

"Cloud on the Golan" by Helen Bar-Lev
"Cloud on the Golan" by Helen Bar-Lev

A Cloud

A cloud, huge,
thick and viscous
as a lump of white lead,
touches the plateau
in a tilted position,
its weight too great
support it,
sits immovable
as though anchored to a tree
by an invisible cord

Here where in Spring
storks join up, rest, chat,
before resuming
their migration North

Here where trees are sparse
and the air cool and pure,
here a cloud has chosen
to suspend itself
perhaps forever?
who knows?

Storks and trees and clouds
know only their own codes
and we observe
in respectful awe

C 8.2009 Helen Bar-Lev


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